Turmeric Health Benefits: Fact or Fiction?

TumericTurmeric is quickly becoming one of the most popular spices due to its range of health benefits. The spice has been common in mustard and curry. It has also been used as a dye for its rich and vibrant orange color.

But the spice is being welcomed not just for its general health benefits. These will include relief of joint pain, inflammation reduction, and heart burn. Studies have also reported efficiency in the speed of wound healing, reduction of gallstones, and battling stomach ulcers. All of this is supplementary to the groundbreaking results which have surfaced over the last couple of years regarding the spice. Not just used as a general health item, turmeric has reportedly been showcased as a cancer treatment combined with chemotherapy, and new studies are surfacing in its attributes in Alzheimer’s prevention and arthritis relief.

The Big Bad: Evidence to Support Cancer Treatment

Anything billed as a cancer treatment will face certain and immediate scrutiny. Reports have surface that turmeric can actually be harnessed as a tool to treat cancer. This is not the same as an item that will lower the chances of cancer. Spiced turmeric is ruled by a main ingredient known as curry powder. This powder can be added to chemotherapy treatment where it will enhance the overall effectiveness of the treatment. In other words, chemotherapy can be improved through the addition of powder. It works through the enhancement of the drug cisplatin.

This is a groundbreaking result, and it has people up in arms in cynicism and acceptance. The research is new from the University of California, but considering the source it is been placed into practice in some areas and is being explored in even greater detail.

Anything that has a cancer treatment factor deserves to be studied in much greater detail. A cancer treatment tool is certain to have other very valuable attributes- and benefits.

Furthermore, the main ingredient in turmeric is curcumin. Curcumin has been found to stall the growth of breast, colon, and pancreatic cancers. The cisplatin strategy worked on by the curry powder is most effective in treating neck and head tumors. Regardless, the range is impressive and anything which is effective against multiple cancer types is astounding.

Turmeric Benefits that Impress

Tumeric PowderCancer treatment properties are sure to turn heads moving forward, but turmeric is not without a slew of offerings.

Diabetes has remained one of the most invasive and troubling diseases across the globe. The spice is reported to improve glucose maintenance in the body and enhance the effectiveness of widely regarded diabetes medications. But it is not just useful in maintaining those with diabetes, but preventing it in the first place. It reduces insulin resistance in general, pushing off the onset of type-2 diabetes.

On a more general level, turmeric benefits include wound healing. Most parents know to apply disinfectant. But turmeric is a worthy addition to the recipe. It will speed up the healing process exponentially, and splashing just a dash and covering the wound will repair the skin.

Of course, there are benefits that go beyond disease prevention and maintenance. Everyone can benefit from some straightforward body weight maintenance. Turmeric will actually increase the bodily flow of bile, which is not vomit but a substance in the body that breaks down diet-related fat. In order to keep things simple, one can essentially understand that a teaspoon of turmeric will enhance the effectiveness of an already consistent workout and weight loss regime.

It goes without saying that turmeric is not alone in the world of health-related spices. But the cancer treatment properties are illuminating, and it may usher in a new wave of scientists exploring natural herbs and spices to find resources for enhancing the well-being of people. Turmeric is in need of some more detailed research and understanding, but in the meantime we can all add just a dash of it to our diet to remain that much closer to an ideal competency of health.