Health Benefits of Clove Oil

Clove OilFor many people, the nutrition that they are getting from their everyday meals is simply not enough to satisfy the body’s needs. As a result, many have turned to multivitamins, supplements, various pills, and other treatments to get them back on track for what they are passing by in their food. None of those treatments are necessarily bad things, unless taking exorbitantly, but they are incapable of providing full benefit to the body. The purpose of this article is not to discuss any treatment that will give a person everything they need, but rather to mention one item that could help them profusely in their day-to-day living – clove oil. Clove oil is one of many oils that have been dubbed an “essential oil”. Essential is a misleading term because, while clove oil is not absolutely needed for one’s betterment, it offers a new level of health and wellness that people should not want to overlook.

Where does it come from?

A clove is a very special type of evergreen. It produces flowers yearly that have special, medical attributes unlike any other flower. This flower has been used for a very long time in medicine by various Eastern World civilizations. Once the flower is ground down, it produces a special type of oil that can be put to various uses. Undoubtedly, this oil is a great gift from nature that, if used regularly and efficiently, can make a person’s lifestyle far better than if it was not.


Uses for Clove Oil

As stated above, clove oil has been used in medicine for a very long time, but the clove plant is not limited merely to medicine. It has many other uses that can be very beneficial. Here are just a few of the ways that clove oil can have a positive impact on one’s life:

  • Because the clove flower has strong antiseptic attributes, it is useful for cleaning all types of cuts and bruises, curing stings and bites that are especially bad, and treating various fungi.  Take note—clove oil is extremely strong, so it can be dangerous to apply to the skin. Clove oil must be diluted before use, unless if the product is already distributed in a diluted fashion.
  • Dentistry uses – Clove oil has a set of germicidal attributes that make it very useful for all kinds of dental procedures. It can cure basic toothache, be used as a light anesthetic, and cure bad breath. There is also an old wives tale surrounding clove oil that it can cure cavities if held upon the infected teeth for long enough. This is not untrue, but it is, as of yet, clinically unproven.
  • Stress – Clove oil is very special in the way that it can affect a person’s mind. It serves as a wonderful relaxant, so it has many different abilities. The oil can, when properly taken, lessen a feeling of tiredness, make a person fall asleep more deeply (thereby allowing the sleep to restore them more than usual), and it is very useful in helping people who are constantly depressed.
  • Clove oil is very effective in helping people who have diabetes. When clove oil is present in the system, the amount of glucose being released is controlled at a far more reasonable level, thereby helping all of a diabetic’s bodily functions.

Clearly, the effects of clove oil are quite substantial. The list above does not hardly do justice to all the ways that the product can have a beneficial effect on one’s life. For anyone looking for a great way to take care of themselves, clove oil is a very good start to living a quality life.