Chia Seeds

The word chia is actually pronounced phonetically as “ky-uh”, meaning that a chia seed is not in the same family as the freakishly odd chia pets, plants, etc. that have been popularized on television by growing green-colored hair at a rapid rate. Actually, chia seeds come from a type of plant that has flowers. Similarly to sunflower seeds, they can be harvested in their season (meaning whenever they look ripe). Chia seeds can only be grown well in Mexico and Guatemala. It has been proposed that the chia plant was a main factor in the diet of ancient civilizations in […]


Organic Food

Organic foods, or certified organic foods, are foods that are farmed according to prescribed standards that allow them to carry a label stating that they are organic. Organic farming differs from conventional farming in the techniques used, including; use of herbicides and pesticides, use of hormones and antibiotics in livestock, and the types of fertilizers used. The popularity of organic food has exploded in the last two decades as a backlash to industrial farming methods and genetically modified foods, and a desire from consumers to live healthier, more natural and less environmentally damaging lifestyle. For many, organic food is perceived […]


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