Constipation Remedies

Many people suffer from constipation from time to time. There are a number of natural remedies one can use in place of expensive pharmacological solutions. What can cause constipation? There are a number of factors which can disrupt bowel movements. Lack of exercise, artificial sweeteners and a lack of fibre in one’s diet are all common causes of constipation. Not drinking enough water can also cause irregular bowel movements, while red meat, dairy products and sugary foods can also contribute to constipation. Independent of lifestyle choices, medical conditions such as an underactive thyroid, Type II diabetes and certain cancers can […]


Turmeric Health Benefits: Fact or Fiction?

Turmeric is quickly becoming one of the most popular spices due to its range of health benefits. The spice has been common in mustard and curry. It has also been used as a dye for its rich and vibrant orange color. But the spice is being welcomed not just for its general health benefits. These will include relief of joint pain, inflammation reduction, and heart burn. Studies have also reported efficiency in the speed of wound healing, reduction of gallstones, and battling stomach ulcers. All of this is supplementary to the groundbreaking results which have surfaced over the last couple […]


Health Benefits of Clove Oil

For many people, the nutrition that they are getting from their everyday meals is simply not enough to satisfy the body’s needs. As a result, many have turned to multivitamins, supplements, various pills, and other treatments to get them back on track for what they are passing by in their food. None of those treatments are necessarily bad things, unless taking exorbitantly, but they are incapable of providing full benefit to the body. The purpose of this article is not to discuss any treatment that will give a person everything they need, but rather to mention one item that could […]


Health Benefits of Kale

Many people enjoy a small salad before their dinner, stating that they are “getting in their greens for the day.” Lettuce is certainly good for a person, but the ultimate green that someone can put into their salad is kale. Kale is extremely high in all kinds of nutrients that are necessary for maximal output in everyday bodily functioning. Why Should You Eat Kale? Obviously, different people have different taste preferences, but even if a person thinks that kale tastes horrible, they should make every effort to include at least a little bit of kale into their diet. Why? Kale […]


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